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AWA Test Auction 28/02
Date of auction:
2020-02-28 09:30:00
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Exotic Game Breeders Auction
Date of auction:
2020-02-29 10:55:00
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AWA Boma Auction 07/03
Date of auction:
2020-03-07 10:55:00
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AWA Buffalo Auction 28/03
Date of auction:
2020-03-28 10:55:00
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Reino Du Toit Rare Game Auction 04/04
Date of auction:
2020-04-04 10:55:00
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Gravelotte Wild Produsente Auction 16/05
Date of auction:
2020-05-16 10:55:00
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African Wildcat Ankole Cattle Assets & Movables
Black Wildebeest Blesbuck Blesbuck Bronze
Blesbuck Coffee Blesbuck Copper Blesbuck Copper Split
Blesbuck Dappled Blesbuck Masked Blesbuck Painted
Blesbuck Saddleback Split Blesbuck White Blesbuck White Saddleback
Blesbuck White Saddleback Split Blesbuck Yellow Blesbuck Yellow Saddleback
Blesbuck Yellow Split Blue Wildebeest Blue Wildebeest Thuli
Bontebok Buffalo Buffalo Addo
Buffalo East Africa Buffalo East Africa / Addo Buffalo East Africa / Kruger
Buffalo East Africa / Kruger / Addo Buffalo Kruger Buffalo Kruger / Addo
Buffalo Lowveld / Kruger Buffalo Madikwe Buffalo Madikwe / East Africa
Buffalo Madikwe / Kruger Bushbuck Bushpig
Charity Lot Common Reedbuck Crocodile
Damara Dik-Dik Damara Sheep Duiker Blue
Duiker Common Duiker Dappled Duiker Grey
Duiker Red Eland Cape Eland Livingstone
Eland White Elephant Emu
Fallow Deer Gemsbuck Gemsbuck Arabian (Scimitar)
Gemsbuck Dappled Gemsbuck Golden Gemsbuck Golden Split
Gemsbuck Ivory Gemsbuck Kalahari Gemsbuck Painted
Gemsbuck Red Gemsbuck Red Split Gemsbuck White
Gemsbuck Yellow Genet Giraffe
Gnu Golden Crown Golden Gnu Golden Gnu Split
Grey Reedbuck Grysbok Cape Guinea Fowl
Guinea Fowl Crested Guinea Fowl Vulturine Guinea Fowl White
Hartebeest Lichtenstein Hippopotamus Hunting Packages
Hyena Impala Impala Black
Impala Black Split Impala Dappled Impala Royal
Impala Royal Split Impala Saddleback Impala Saddleback Split
Impala White Impala White Flanked Impala White Split
Kings Wildebeest Kings Wildebeest Split Klipspringer
Kudu Kudu Black Kudu Black Split
Kudu White Kudu White Split Lama / Alpaca
Lechwe Lechwe Kafue Lechwe Red
Lechwe Yellow Leopard Lion
Lion Cubs Lion White Mountain Reedbuck
Mountain Reedbuck Red Nyala Nyala Red
Oryx Arabian Oryx Ivory Ostrich
Ostrich Black Ostrich White Ostrich Zimbabwe Blue
Professional Hours Red Hartebeest Reedbuck
Rhebuck Rhino Black Roan Antelope
Rock Rabbit Sable Sable Antelope
Sable Antelope Tanzanian Sable Antelope Zambian Sable Malawian
Sable Matetsi Sable Tanzanian / Malawian Sable Tanzanian X
Sable West Zambian Sable West Zambian X Sable X
Sable Zambian / Matetsi Sable Zambian X Sharpes Grysbok
Sitatunga Southern Reedbuck Springbuck
Springbuck Black Springbuck Black Hartwater Springbuck Black Heartwater Split
Springbuck Blue Springbuck Coffee Springbuck Coffee Hartwater
Springbuck Coffee Heartwater Split Springbuck Copper Springbuck Copper Hartwater
Springbuck Copper Split H/Water Springbuck Cream Springbuck Cream Hartswater
Springbuck Damara Springbuck Damara Heartwater Springbuck Flanked Hartwater
Springbuck Grandslam Springbuck Grandslam Heartwater Springbuck Hartswater Macciate
Springbuck Hartswater Normal Mottled Springbuck Heartwater Springbuck Ivory
Springbuck Kalahari Springbuck Kalahari Heartwater Springbuck Karoo
Springbuck King Springbuck Marula Split Springbuck Painted
Springbuck White Springbuck White Hartwater Steenbok
Steenbuck White Suni Tiger
Tsessebe Wagyu Cattle Wagyu Cross
Warthog Waterbuck Waterbuck White
WD Leg White Rhino Wildebeest Ghost
Wildebeest Golden Kings Wildebeest Golden Kings Split Wildebeest Royal
Wildebeest White Split Zebra Burchells Zebra Golden
Zebra Hartman Zebra Mountain Zebra Red
Zebra Red Split
Select Category
Female Female Pregnant Family Group
Heifer Stallion Cow with Calf
Cow pregnant Heifer pregnant Cow
Young Bull Bull Ram
Cow with Bull calf Cow with Heifer calf Young Ram
Black ram and normal ewes Black ram and split ewes Bull and split cows
Bull and cow Bull and split heifers Cow pregnant with Bull calf
Cow pregnant with Calf Cow pregnant with Heifer Calf Cow pregnant to Golden Gnu Bull
Cow pregnant to Kings Bull Cubs Ewe
Ewe with Black Lamb Ewe with Lamb Ewe pregnant
Ewe pregnant to Black Ram Ewe pregnant to Copper Ram Ewe pregnant to White Ram
Ewe pregnant to Yellow ram Family Group Package Heifer pregnant with Calf
Heifer pregnant to Golden Bull Male Ram and base Ewes
Ram and Split Ewes Young Ewe Gender Unknown
Ewe Pregnant with Lamb Ewe Pregnant to Yellow Saddleback Ram Ewe Pregnant to White Saddleback Ram
Ewe Pregnant to Saddleback Ram Ewe with Ram Lamb Ram and Impala Ewe Pregnant to White Ram
Ewe Pregnant to Coffee Ram Ram and Hartwater Ewe Cow with Kings Wildebeest Calf
Ewe Pregnant to Flanked Ram Mare Hunting Package
Cow pregnant to Golden Kings Bull Cow with Golden Heifer Calf Cow with Golden Bull Calf
Heifer Pregnant to Kings Bull Cow Pregnant to Kings Bull with Kings Heifer Calf Cow Pregnant to Kings Bull with Kings Bull Calf
Cow Pregnant with Bull / heifer Calf Cow Pregnant to Ivory Bull Cow Pregnant to Red Bull
Cow Pregnant to Red Bull with Calf Heifer Pregnant to White Bull Ewe Pregnant to Royal Ram
Cow pregnant+bull calf Cow pregnant+calf Pregnant
Wagyu Wagyu Cross Jeep

Other Specifications
Male Female Mixed

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